Samsung are proposing to have holographic icons

Will the iPhone 9 be able to display holographic icons

Samsung have recently applied for a patent for a future smartphone that enables it to display holographic icons! Will Apple follow suit? Patents suggest they will and we expect to see it on the iPhone 9. Imagine being able to lay your iPhone 9 down on a surface and have a holographic image of the person your talking to appear form the handset. Sounds bizarre and futuristic, but it may not be too far away. Samsung recently filed a patent for a future smartphone that could project holographic icons. (Details of which can be found on Patently Apple). A cool…
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Will teh iPhone 9 be transparent

Will the iPhone 9 be the transparent iPhone?

The images of the transparent iPhone handset have been floating on the internet for many years and with the patents that Apple have currently being filed, could we could soon be looking at this happening i.e. Could we see a handset surrounded by a sapphire crystal display with no side edges or any buttons? A while ago in on our sister site iPhone7info, we looked at the possibility of the iPhone 7 actually being transparent. That story received quite a bit of interest from many different news blogs and websites. But,┬áit seems that the iPhone 7 will not be the…
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iPhone 9 inof looks at the future of the iPhones

Welcome to iPhone 9 info

Interested in the iPhone 9 and future iPhones? Welcome to iPhone 9 info, the iPhone blog that is focused to keeping you up to date with all the latest news and information on the iPhone 9 and future iPhones. iPhone 9 info is part of the iPhone-info news blogs that is written by iPhone fans for iPhone fans. If you are interested in the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or iPhone 9 then we intend in being the source for all the best and latest stories.     We are aware that the iPhone 9 is about 5 years off, but…
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